Student Certification

RiJP is a certification which is provided for students who join iLearning Plus. By joining this training, We help the students to be ready to enjoy the new learning environment. There are 5 trainings that will be provided.

1. HOT (HOw To)

2. JADI (Jelajah Apps Di Internet)

3. AHA (AkHirnya Aku tAhu)

4. ESIA (Education Simulation In clAss)


By passing those trainings, it means the students are ready to be in new environment, new learning style called iLearning.

Lecturer/Teacher Certification

iCP (iLearning Certified Professional) is a specially prepared training for the teachers/lecturers who will get the title ICP (iLearning Certified Professional). For those who have completed the training process properly, they will get the certification and ICP license card which means they can teach in iLearning classes.

iCM (iLearning Certified Master) is an upper level of training for Teachers/Lecturers. By passing this training, the teachers/lecturers will get the license card to teach iLearning Plus, this is the requirment that need to be done.

Professional Certification


iCGM is provided for them who already passed iCP and iCM. By passing this certification means they will get the license to coach and be instructor of iCP and iCM trainings.

iCGM members also have the right to train a group of qualified candidates as site facilitators to deliver the iLearning Plus (iLP).