Dear All,

This is PA115Z final assignment, that include pertemuan 8 to 14.

Normally i give the class member a presentation assignment by grup but indivual scoring.

Since you all are iLP programme so i will give you a different assignment.


The assignment is by making a video presentasion for each pertemuan base on SAP pertemuan 8 -14 that you can request by email.

1 pertemuan 1 video presentation, it means you have 7 videos presentation.

Each video for 20 minutes minimum presentation.

You play as a lecturer who explain each pertemuan.

Each video contain not just an explanation, but also perform sample on each lesson/material.

so, imagine you are a teacher who explain each lesson to your students.

Put your videos on you SKUP.

and send me the link to score each of your job.

I give you time until 29 December 2017.

This is my phone number (081319701122) if you need to discuss the assignment by wa.

Good luck and thank you.



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